Have you put off building a contact list due to
lack of time or knowledge? Do responders, web
hosting, private label, master resell rights, PDF
reports, HTML, and building squeeze pages sound
a little frightening? If so the LGT List Builder Club
may be your List Building Equalizer!

Inside you will have access to a Free List Building Service that sets up your responder and hosts your squeeze pages for you. No need for hosting, and no need to learn how to build squeeze pages. Just promote your pages, build your list, and yes make money.

Also included in your LGT Free List Building Service Membership is Ad-Tracking with Cloaking, and a URL Rotator. You can rotate unlimited URL's with No-Ads on top of your websites! Use the Ad Tracker to track your Squeeze Pages!

We have placed 30 of the Top Traffic Exchanges inside to help you
Build a Traffic Downline and Promote your List Building Pages!

By simply promoting your List Builder Club page you will be "Building a Traffic Downline" and "Making Money". Make sure you join Lead Generating Tools Affiliate Program once you have signed up. Signup as a paid member and earn higher commissions.

As a LGT paid member you will earn a $10.00 commission on an Easy Biz Promoter Sale "Only $34.95 a Year", or $10.00 commission on a Team LGT Sale "Only $49.95 a Year".

We recommend that you join our Free List Builder Club and then upgrade to our paid Easy Biz Promoter or TeamLGT program under your sponsors URL inside the member area.

List Building and Web Promotion

By joining either of the 2 paid programs above you will be able to build a contact list, promote your video, banners, plus any URL you want through customized follow up emails. It's all setup and hosted by LGT Admin!

Both memberships provide access to a super banner, and super affiliate page, that promotes all your affiliate programs and more. Just Fill Out A Form! LGT Admin will setup, host, and manage your page.

Our List Builder Club can help you Build a Contact List, Promote your Video, Banners, Links, Build a Traffic Downline, Brand Your Name, and Make Money! You do not need any HTML, or Web Hosting, knowledge because LGT admin sets up and hosts the pages for you.

You can start free by joining Lead Generating Tools as a free member. We have free list building pages, and tools, but the commissions are lower. Also free member can not promote a video.

Join our List Builder Club Free and be part of a winning team of like minded marketers! Everything is provided for your Success!

You will have All the Tools, Services, and Resources needed to build a contact list!

Don't put it off any longer Take Action!

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How does it work?
Our database keeps track of your free and get-paid programs referral IDs and every person that is placed in your downline. You will receive credit for people in your down-line and your/downline's site visitors that join any free or get-paid programs that you participate in.

1) Your direct downline (with all YOUR referral IDs) will be built for potentially unlimited number of tiers and will double by each completed tier. Example: 5, 10, 20, 40, 80, 160, ..., Total direct = 5 + 10 + 20 + 40 + 80 + 160 + ...

2) Indirect downline building (with some of your referral IDs). Your referral IDs will be also used in your direct downline's downlines (direct and indirect), as long as all your referral IDs won't be replaced with other members referral IDs (unlimited Flow-Through). Example: 5, 25, 125, 625, 3125, ..., Total indirect = 5 + 25 + 125 + 625 + 3125 + ...

It is recommended to join as many programs as possible, since this will help you both to get more referrals and your downline will be built much deeper!

What about existing program referral IDs?
No problem! You will be able to enter your existing referral IDs into the database and this will only help you to get more referrals for these programs and have a bigger downline.

How many new members to refer?
The absolute minimum is 4, but more is recommended. The more new members you refer, the more you will get in return! Sponsor 20 paid members and earn $200.00 in Commissions.

Reasons You should join LGT List Builder Club:

 . Get a FREE website (2 types) with all YOUR referral IDs inserted
 . Downline growth for potentially unlimited number of tiers - with all YOUR referral IDs
 . Free Flow-Through of your referral IDs for unlimited tiers of your LGT List Builder
 . Real-time statistics both of your direct and indirect downline size, hits to your get-paid 
 . Email Your Downline Feature
 . Start Page Rotator - Rotate all your programs
 . We support the best get-paid to Build Your List Program and traffic exchanges.
 . No web programming experience required
 . No HTML knowledge required for list building or promotion.
 . Complete support and Live Coaching in our Conference Room

Join NOW and Start Building

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